Launch date: December 5th, 2021 @ 6:00pm EST

We previously stated the cutoff date for Phase 1 whitelisting was October 19th. We are happy to announce that we are now extending this deadline to the kickoff of Phase 2.

Phase 1 of the Hanzo Inu Founders Collection of 8,888 generative NFTs whitelisting has been a major success. The community has always been at the forefront of our vision and giving them the first opportunity to sign up was a no-brainer. 500 out of 1500 whitelist spots are reserved for current $HNZO holders until Launch. Remaining spots will be used for giveaways and promotions. For a thorough breakdown of the history & future of Hanzo Inu, the MMORPG in development, and our token $HNZO(ETH), please check out our previous article here.

Backgrounds are placeholders at this time

Phase 2 Whitelisting (2,888 spots)

This phase will kickoff October 26, 5:00PM EST and is geared towards new community members. Current whitelisted members support the Hanzo Inu project by holding $HNZO and remaining active in the community. The same philosophy will be implemented in Phase 2.

Phase 2: In order to qualify for whitelisting from October 26, 5:00PM EST onwards, new members must purchase at least 0.1 ETH worth of $HNZO. This will NOT be an automatic process. If you meet the requirements for Phase 2 and wish to mint an NFT, you will manually have to follow the instructions listed below in order to apply for whitelisting.

Whitelisting means you have a guaranteed spot at minting an NFT and can avoid the dreaded gas wars on the ETH network. That isn’t the only benefit to snagging a limited spot on the whitelist.

We are always thankful for all our supporters no matter the value of $HNZO held. Therefore, purchasing $HNZO will not be the only way you can get whitelisted.

Whitelist Giveaways

Another way to support Hanzo Inu is by joining the community and being active in our Discord where we will be holding multiple fast-paced competitions.

Our First Giveaway:

The first 50 people who invite 10 new people into the server will be whitelisted.

In order to participate, copy your discord invite link… and then, start sharing! Always send a bit of information about the project and examples of our NFTs to get people interested.

Click on “Invite People” and copy your discord link. Edit invite link to extend the expiration date

Please keep in mind that our invite tracker will take note of “fake” invites. If the people invited are not real, you will be disqualified from whitelisting.

How to Whitelist for Phase 2

First things, first. You will need to set up a Discord account ASAP if you do not have one. Discord is the #1 platform for organizing and building communities for NFTs/Gaming Projects.

Join our Hanzo Inu (ETH) Official Discord here: https://discord.gg/HzgXJyNzkd

Make sure to click on the dog emoji to gain access to our Discord channel

Whitelist requests can then be sent in the #part2-whitelist-apply channel.

Click on the #part2-whitelist-apply channel

In the #part2-whitelist-apply channel, please paste your Ethereum wallet address that holds your $HNZO tokens. We will be verifying if each wallet passes the requirement of a purchase over 0.1 ETH. You will know you have been accepted when you have a the blue “Whitelist” Discord server role and have access to the #whitelisted channel.

Congratulations! You can now sit back in relief. You have successfully secured a spot in minting a Hanzo Founders Collection NFT.

Welcome, Samurai.